Ever curious as to what an IT Consultation consisted of? Check out this infographic to learn more about why companies should get a consultation prior to purchasing any IT solutions for their business.

Do you keep wondering if NOW is the right time to replace your out-dated legacy system with an upgraded flexible software solution? If this question stays at the front of your mind, it is probably for good reason. Don’t dismiss it for years on end just because software implementation seems too complex for your business to handle right now. It’s all about finding the right moment and getting well prepared for this change.

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It’s difficult for many business executives to find the time to begin new projects, especially when it entails implementing a new ERP software solution. Of course, this kind of project takes a lot of planning, researching, overseeing, training and so forth. However, it doesn’t have to be quite so time-consuming if the right IT provider is chosen and a solid plan of action is set in place beforehand.

Here is a quick checklist that can help in a successful software implementation project:checklist

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