Mobility, efficiency and ease-of access are the hallmarks of some of today’s most successful companies. Finding software platforms that help you accomplish these things – without spending a fortune – can positively enhance your distribution network. Given these new considerations, the WIMS Mobile 2.0 software seeks to help your business streamline operations by enhancing your […]

Efficiency is among the most difficult challenges faced by small to medium-sized enterprises today. Since limited resources are common place within these organizations, staying competitive against the better-funded, global competition is tough. Whether your company is focused on surviving during this tough economic climate or aiming to improve productivity for higher return on investment, hosted software is the solution.

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erpWizard Low cost business applicationIn today’s extremely competitive business marketplace, the efficiency gained by implementing a sufficiently robust enterprise resource planning software solution to link aspects of your network together cannot be overlooked.
Although the ROI tends to be considerably higher after a company uses an ERP to streamline and automate all aspects of its business, the initial costs associated with acquiring the kind of ERP solutions used by large corporations can be prohibitively expensive for the smaller business – which has a much smaller margin of error in an ERP cost benefit analysis. It is because of this expense, and the need to find solutions for SMBs, that there exists ERP software that conforms to the SaaS paradigm. With this in mind, SMBs can now more accurately assess several attributes of low cost ERP solutions:

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