Back in September, we published an article called “False Advertisement: The Truth about ERP Implementations” listing the false statements about ERP implementation projects that business executives were told by others or simply just assumed. The last false statement listed in the article was the following: “You should always customize the new ERP system to your current business processes”.

We see this with Small and Medium business owners far too often, which is why today’s article will go on to explain why changing your newly upgraded ERP system to fit with your old business processes may not ALWAYS be the best way to go. Read more

It’s unfortunate that most business people we encounter today have a story to share about their previous ERP software implementation experience and it’s almost never a positive one. Why does this keep happening? Read more

Our previous article spoke about the secret to a successful ERP implementation. This ‘secret’ was something many businesses tended to either ignore or overlook and in many cases, was the deciding factor for the success or failure of the implementation.

Today’s Slide Presentation, also found on our SlideShare profile, will briefly mention five other steps to follow in order to have a smooth, successful ERP implementation. These easy steps will allow companies to eliminate highly stressful and negative environments at companies during system implementations (where new business processes and system changes are often introduced and perhaps not fully welcomed by all employees just yet).

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ERP Implementation SuccessERP implementation, as we’ve stated in many of our previous articles, is never an easy or comfortable topic for many business executives. Too many managers have gone through such bad software implementation experiences that they are now hesitant to upgrade their current out-dated system, only because they fear to go through a similar implementation process again. Read more

Do you keep wondering if NOW is the right time to replace your out-dated legacy system with an upgraded flexible software solution? If this question stays at the front of your mind, it is probably for good reason. Don’t dismiss it for years on end just because software implementation seems too complex for your business to handle right now. It’s all about finding the right moment and getting well prepared for this change.

To know if you’re business is in a good place to begin a software implementation project, like an ERP implementation, take our quiz below. Read more

When on the market for a new ERP software solution, small business executives tend to get confused and overwhelmed with the many quotations they receive after viewing tons of system demos.

Doing the proper research is key to finding the right ERP system that matches your business needs and requirements. However, reading the many vendor quotes can be daunting. When it comes to an ERP implementation, there are many phases and each phase comes with its own services and pricing. Read more

Take a look at today’s infographic to learn about the challenges SMEs face when deciding to implement an ERP software suite at their organization.

ready for ERP blogThere are many steps involved in an ERP implementation at a company. However, first and foremost it’s important for the management team to decide if their company is even ready for such a large project to undertake. Most business people seem to only believe that it requires a lot of financial resources and the rest is up to the IT team; this is false. Nowadays, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing has allowed ERP implementations to be done at an affordable cost. What these managers don’t realize is that an IT project like this requires enough resources, financial and personnel, and capabilities to successfully complete an ERP implementation. Read more

An ERP Implementation phase is typically the time period in which mistakes happen and panic and fear begin to creep up amongst business executives and employees. Often times, we hear nightmarish stories about IT implementations; either because the implementation went over-budget, above and beyond the expected timeframe or it was too complex and quickly resisted by the company employees.

In today’s article, we will share 4 mistakes that should be avoided in order to have a successful ERP implementation. Read more

It’s difficult for many business executives to find the time to begin new projects, especially when it entails implementing a new ERP software solution. Of course, this kind of project takes a lot of planning, researching, overseeing, training and so forth. However, it doesn’t have to be quite so time-consuming if the right IT provider is chosen and a solid plan of action is set in place beforehand.

Here is a quick checklist that can help in a successful software implementation project:checklist

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