The holidays are finally here! What this means for many is the end of a busy year, some free time to spend with family and friends over holiday gatherings and maybe even some beach time!

For others it means the beginning of a new year, with new projects and tasks. It’s the time to analyze, plan and budget for the year ahead so employees will be ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities. To do this, it’s critical to take some time to look at the year that just passed in order to see what improvements and changes can be made going forward. No matter how successful a company may be, there is always room for improvement! Read more

Happy Friday Readers! Everyday this week, we shared on our social media pages a great infographic published by the BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada). The informative image is about the top trends that are shaping the future of Canadian business. Today’s blog will be a summary of this infographic.

The BDC states that Canadian businesses can benefit from many new and exciting opportunities by adapting and leveraging the following 5 trends: Read more