Microsoft 365 – How to Increase Security

Almost every day we hear about new phishing scams or ransomware attacks affecting both small and large businesses. We have seen examples of organizations from all verticals including government institutions, education establishments, healthcare organizations, banks, and manufacturing companies, all suffering from security and cyber-attacks.

Many users have already learned to recognize some of these threats, however, as statistics show, the risk of computer hacking is very high. Especially the risks have increased in the last few years when the remote work has become a new reality for many companies. More and more companies are using cloud apps, one of the most popular is Microsoft 365.

Many people including business professionals, believe and think that they are completely protected with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) which is integrated with OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online. They believe their email is protected from various malicious links and viruses. However, reality shows that standard ATP does not provide protection for the entire Microsoft package, and companies may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Microsoft 365 data protection

Our fully integrated SaaS solution for Microsoft 365 applications provides the necessary additional layer of security and guarantees for a complete protection.

This SaaS solution protects your business by proactively detecting and neutralizing zero-day threats across all Microsoft 365 products.

Day Zero (also known as 0-day) is a computer software vulnerability previously unknown to the software or antivirus vendors.

Why are ATP Solutions Not Enough for Total Security protection?

As the number of cyber threats grows, organizations need solutions that go beyond the basic email filtering and malware scanning that standard ATP provides. Businesses remain vulnerable to attacks due to the inadequate threat detection rate of most ATP software. As previously stated, zero-day attacks are the most dangerous since they are those that never been detected before. Almost every day, new zero-day threats emerge, and hackers are sophisticated enough to exploit attack vectors beyond email.

SaaS Data Protection for Microsoft 365

SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 can quickly detect unknown malware, thereby helping to close threat protection gaps.

This SaaS protection solution was developed by security experts to prevent zero-day threats and proactively protect against malware, phishing, and corporate email compromise targeting all Microsoft 365 suites.

Detection of New and Unknown Threats

Cyber threats may be detected by traditional email security solutions, but they do not detect new threats that have not yet been discovered.

Our SaaS solution has been designed from the ground up to detect zero-day threats as quickly as possible. Thus, this solution provides an additional layer of protection against cyber threats for your business.

Unlike other solutions that simply scan for known security threats and let unknown ones through, our solution is based on the latest technology that detects unknown threats by analyzing the contents of a secure email, chat, or document.

Ensure Data Security in SaaS

With our SaaS security solution, you can protect your business-critical Microsoft 365 data and filter spam effectively.

The threat of cybercrime extends far beyond phishing emails. That’s why we can keep all your data secure, even outside of email. Our SaaS security solution can protect you from ransomware, malware, phishing, and corporate email compromise anywhere in the Microsoft 365 suite, including OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Moreover, we can protect your inbox even if there is no malware infected with our spam filter by removing annoying and inappropriate emails.

Get Detailed Monitoring and Clear Reporting on Your Threats.

Often, companies cannot understand why a threat has been flagged because traditional ATP solutions have complex scoring models and confusing reporting metrics are difficult for users to understand.

Our SaaS protection solution provides detailed yet user-friendly reports and explanations about stopped threats.

Benefits of a SaaS Security Solution

There are many benefits to using our SaaS data protection solution.

  • A simple and reliable protection solution for all Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Easy deployment and management.
  • Get superior, quality support powered by Datto, the leader in enterprise security and data protection technologies.

The Best Fully Integrated Cloud Security Solution for Your Cloud-Based Applications and Data

All your cloud data will be protected not only from common data loss scenarios but also from unknown cyber threats thanks to comprehensive detection, protection, and recovery.

Our solution is part of a fully integrated suite that scans Microsoft 365 for malicious cyber threats and provides complete protection with daily backups and flexible, fast recovery.

For more information about this solution, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us.