Today’s infographic goes on to explain six considerations for an ERP software implementation, in order for it to be successful. The following findings were taken from University of Colorado’s “System Implementation Success Factors; It’s not just the Technology” by Paula Vaughan. Read more

There are so many IT terms that are flying around every where nowadays that it’s difficult to know which ones are important for a business’ success and which ones are simply short-term fads. After doing the research and dealing with businesses on a daily basis to help improve their IT infrastructures and business processes, we can safely say that the top 4 forces reshaping enterprises for the better are as follows Read more

Business intelligenceHaving all the company’s data right at your fingertips in a fully integrated management solution is amazing. However, many businesses are taking it a step further. They have implemented Analytics and Business Intelligence tools to help them not only see the data but understand what it all means. Basically, it’s not enough anymore to be able to just see data but now many executives are trying to make sense of it all. That’s the key in finding solutions right away, at the slightest indication of a problem. Read more