An e-Commerce Store is an online retail of goods and services. In recent years, it has become the most convenient way for consumers to browse, shop and buy from their favorite retailers (Click to Tweet). However, statistics keep being published showing only a very low percentage of Canadian small and mid-size enterprises having an e-Commerce site.

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This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.

As we have mentioned in our posts, eCommerce has been very popular in the last few years amongst small and medium size businesses. Executives are realizing the potential of online selling since it has been known to increase sales, revenue and brand exposure. As there has been much hype around this topic, many trends have emerged and would definitely be beneficial for SMEs.

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It is extremely important for any business owner to find the right business software applications. I cannot stress enough that the most efficient software programs are those that are fully integrated under the same package or platform. I will explain why in the following blog. Read more

Executives and owners of small and mid-size businesses have been faced with many challenges and changes in 2013, putting a lot more pressure on them to reach their goals and objectives in this difficult economic time. As an IT consultant and developer, I have learned a lot and seen what numerous businesses have been through this last year. This article was written to share with you credible information about the trends of 2014 as well as the solutions for growth and success for the future.

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 image1 - E-store: identify the right solution - Namtek Consulting ServicesNo distribution company today can afford to ignore the potential in online purchasing.

 The online store is so popular with consumers that 80% of Web users pre-visualize products before purchasing them.1 Therefore, to meet these expectations, it is all the more imperative for these companies to develop an online store solution that will represent such a growing market2.

However, only 10% of Quebec SMEs, that have 20 or fewer employees, have an online store solution.The situation at the national level is not any better. A recent poll shows that only 22% of Canadian SMEs employ an online store.

This is due to the common belief that most SMEs cannot afford an online store solution or that they cannot find one that will suit their business needs.

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