We love EDI here at NAMTEK Consulting Services. So much so, that we keep looking for ways to make this process easier for businesses. From experience, we’ve realized that it can be a daunting topic and project for many executives and managers. EDI has always been associated with the words “complex”, “costly” and “time-consuming”. Our goal was to make managers see that EDI doesn’t have to be any of these things. It’s time to change the way businesses view once-complex software systems or communication processes. Therefore, how did we make EDI communication “simple”, “affordable” and “quick to implement”? We have all you need to know in today’s blog. Read more

Welcome to the second publication of the 3 part series of our technical manual into erpWizard. Today’s blog focuses on setting up EDI mapping for incoming EDI transactions. If you would like to read the first section of this manual, check out How to set up EDI partners in erpWizard (1 of 3). Read more

Today’s blog is the first of a series of three detailed guides showcasing the EDI section in erpWizard, our fully integrated software solution, straight from our IT experts.

Below we will give you a technical glimpse of how erpWizard works, what it looks like and show you just how user-friendly it really is when setting up EDI partners. Read more