Many companies, especially those who start an online business, start off small with a few employees, minimal technology, and informal processes and procedures. This is only normal. However, what happens to those companies that start small in the first year, but grow exponentially in the second, third or fourth year? Can they still handle all […]

SaaS ERP: The Major Reasons to Deploy a Cloud-Based SaaS ERP This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. SaaS – Cloud computing involves housing a company’s data in a network of servers in a secure Data Centre (where all data is accessed over the Internet). Software as a Service – is a […]

Nous savons que le terme «ERP» est encore couramment associé aux grandes entreprises et peut venir avec quelques expériences assez mauvaises passées par de nombreux dirigeants d’entreprise. Espérons que cet article jettera un peu de lumière sur les solutions ERP et les implémentations dans l’environnement des petites entreprises d’aujourd’hui, comme les systèmes et les processus […]