A fruitful first meeting between students and companies in information technology and engineering

April 4, 2018 Namtek Consulting Services

participated in the 1st edition of “Recrutement éclair étudiant en TI/Génie” organized by Le Service du développement économique de la Ville de Laval.

In the form of a networking 5 à 7, the recruitment flash concept was much appreciated. Companies had access to students from 12 different educational institutions in the Greater Montreal area. At the same time, to optimize pairings, recruitment blitzes were organized.

The participating companies, all from Laval, offered 10 internships and 25 jobs in the IT and engineering fields.

In fact, they left with numerous curricula vitae of potential candidates. Building on this success, a second edition of the event is scheduled for this autumn, and will be extended to other business sectors.

Namtek Consulting Services

Namtek Consulting Services at a glance …

Founded in 2000, with headquarters in Laval, Quebec – Canada;
Experienced software developers and engineers serving customers in Canada, the United States, Europe and other parts of the world;
Main specialities: In-house software design and development and systems integration, EDI as a service;
Expertise includes:
– IT consulting and analysis;
– Software customization and development;
– Systems integration and electronic data interchange (EDI);
– Business Intelligence & Analytics;
– Business continuity and disaster recovery;
– Cloud hosting;

Secure, private cloud application hosting data center located in Montreal, Canada;
Strategic partnership with Magic Software for over 20 years.