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Business Continuity: How to Avoid Downtime and Data Loss

Business Continuity: How to Avoid Downtime and Data Loss How can businesses restore their backup data without incurring downtime and loss? Let’s quickly go over a brief description of a Business Continuity. What is Business Continuity? A Business Continuity solution is the combination of the latest backup technology and advanced processes to will ensure the […]


Business Continuity: A Much-Needed Insurance Policy For Your Data

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. When we think about insurance policies, many of us think of the most common ones, such as health insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance and property insurance. We all know that the point of having any insurance policy is to protect your most important assets. For […]


RANSOMWARE: Why companies should listen to Business Continuity Experts

During the first week of June, according to CBC News, the University of Calgary became a victim of a ransomware cyber attack. A ransom note was left when the University first detected an encryption on their computer network. The amount requested for the method of decryption was $20,000, which was eventually paid to the attacker […]


How the latest Business Continuity Solutions Have Changed the Way We Backup & Restore Company Data

  Technological advancements have truly changed the way businesses are able to backup and restore their sensitive company data. The demand shifted from simply needing a backup system to a backup AND restoration solution. This is because, in today’s fast-moving, dynamic and competitive business environment, traditional backup methods, like tapes and drives, are simply not […]


Can Small Businesses afford a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution?

Traditionally, Small Business and Business Continuity do not go in the same sentence. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans and solutions were typically designed and offered to larger enterprises. These solutions were simply out of reach for the smaller players. However, just like many other software systems on the market, we are seeing big changes […]


‘Business Continuity’ Terms Explained

We know that Business Continuity solutions are relatively new for many business people. Traditional methods to data backup and restore have been tapes and drives. These are now being replaced with software solutions that can perform on-site backups through virtualization as well as off-site backups to the ‘cloud’, without any manual intervention. On top of […]


About QBR – The Latest Solution in Business Continuity

Quick Backup Recovery, also known as QBR, is the latest in the Business Continuity world. Before this solution, businesses were using traditional data backup and restore, which normally consisted of tape drives and storage devices. Unfortunately, there are many problems that businesses can encounter with these traditional methods