(Last Updated On: July 16, 2024)

AWJ Investments LLC

Learn how AWJ Investments LLC easily and quickly transitioned from their traditional backup to Namtek’s fully secure QBR Business Continuity Solution and Service.

With headquarters in Dubai, AWJ Investments is a fast-growing Food and Beverage Holding Group, that aims to acquire and grow brands that are internationally recognized and loved. AWJ explores popular Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and International flavors and markets across Europe, North Africa and the U.S.A. For more information about AWJ Investments, visit their website here.

AWJ Investments LLC was looking to replace their old, unreliable backup system with a more reliable, up-to-date solution to protect their more than 15 servers. After learning about the QBR Solution, AWJ was quick to transition from their traditional backup to a fully secure Business Continuity Solution and Service.

AWJ Investments has over 15 servers, at various locations, with a ton of sensitive data and required an efficient, secure backup solution. The goal was to replace their traditional backup system, where they backed up their data to external storage devices, with a Business Continuity Solution.

They were looking for a solution that allowed them to verify their backups, at any time and at various intervals throughout the day, without constantly worrying about whether they would be able to recover their important data if a disaster would occur, such as a malware infection, power outage, hardware/software malfunction, human error, etc.

After careful consideration, AWJ Investments decided to go with the QBR Professional 10 TB device and begin their Business Continuity service in February 2017.

QBR (Quick Backup Recovery) is a Business Continuity Service for enterprises of all sizes. The complete QBR package includes powerful hardware and innovative software from Datto, coupled with Namtek Consulting’s outstanding support and services. The main goal of this full-service offering is to provide businesses with total data protection, no matter the crisis or disaster, in order to eliminate the possibility of data loss and long downtimes as much as possible.

With their QBR service, AWJ Investments was able to finally have the peace of mind it was looking for when it came to the protection of their abundant data, from their various locations.

AWJ Investments benefitted from QBR’s quick installation process (complete setup lasting a couple of hours), affordable service plan, available and accessible support team as well as a vast amount of data backup and recovery benefits, such as;

  • Screenshot verification of backups
  • Unlimited backup of servers and workstations
  • Image-based backup
  • File restore capabilities
  • Bare metal restore
  • Exportation of VMs
  • Industry compatibility
  • Data recovery can take minutes
  • Ransomware detection
  • Flexibility to virtualize both on-site and off-site
  • Choice of infinite or time-based cloud retention
  • Data insurance
  • Protection from natural disasters, software failures, hardware malfunctions, human errors, malware infections and more