(Last Updated On: November 11, 2022)

IMS Inc.

Explore how this Montreal-based leader in product identification systems brought more security into their company with Namtek’s Business Continuity solution, QBR.

IMS (Identification Multi Solutions) Inc. is a leader in product identification systems, with over 55 years of experience. IMS specializes in the production of labels for product identification as well as shrink sleeves for product packaging.

With locations in the Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto areas as well as in the United States, this company has the experience and the best team to help customers in the proper management of product identification, which includes barcode printers, printer applicators, readers, industrial terminals and industrial wireless networking systems.

Before contacting Namtek Consulting Services, IMS had several servers and the technology to backup their critical data daily on tapes, type LTO 1600GB. This backup however took many hours and lasted all night and into the morning hours of operation. On top of it all, tapes are not the most reliable when it comes to backup and restore. Therefore, the team at IMS knew something needed to be done and began looking into modernizing their systems and optimizing their backup copies.

After hearing about ‘virtualization’ and its many benefits, Namtek Consulting Services was contacted in regards to their Business Continuity Solutions.

Business Continuity solution is a relatively new backup solution for businesses. Few companies have the expertise necessary to handle such a solution, as well as easy implementation, training and local service and support. IMS was looking for all of this.

Along with the internal experts at IMS, the NAMTEK team proceeded with the implementation of a brand new Hyper-V platform as well as Namtek’s QBR S series device on IMS premises, the Business Continuity solution with 3TB, replacing IMS’ backup tapes. This new system, due to virtualization, enabled IMS to make backup copies using a separate network instead of using up the bandwidth required for their daily operations.

“Although QBR is a change of mentality in terms of making backup copies, we were quickly seduced by the advantages.” Serge Simard – IT Systems Manager.

According to Mr. Simard, implementation was quick and smooth done with “impeccable service”. Within an hour, his team was able to operate the interface of backup copies and, after familiarizing themselves with the Exchange recovery tool, they found it to be very powerful. Some immediate QBR advantages they noticed were:

  • Fast backup
  • Simple management
  • Ability to recover files in seconds
  • Ability to send backup copies to the “cloud”

IMS no longer needed to manually backup their data, with the daily exchange and storage of unreliable cassettes. Management now felt that their data was safe and didn’t worry as much if a disaster did strike. On top of it all, Mr. Simard felt reassured after starting a server and validating configurations and programs, especially after an update had not gone as planned.

“QBR has brought more security to our company by eliminating the human risk factor involved with traditional backup and providing us with a Business Continuity plan in case of disaster! We can now concentrate on real operations that allow our company to be the best for our customers.” Serge Simard – IT Systems Manager.

All in all, Mr. Simard and his team do not see any downsides to this solution and consider the recurring monthly costs as an “insurance policy”. They now have the peace of mind when it comes to their critical business data.