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Software Services

In-house software design, development, and customization.

We help companies reach their IT objectives on-time and on budget.


ErpWizard is a SaaS-based fully integrated ERP software application in the cloud, designed and developed at Namtek Consulting Services. The objective of this affordable business software solution is to empower small to mid-size businesses with the latest applications to increase profitability and give them the ability to adapt to any business challenge.

  • Hybrid solution offered on the cloud and On-premises
  • Licensed under a SaaS subscription model
  • Scalable ERP suite
  • Fully integrated software management suite

Analytics as a service

Start transforming your raw business data into actionable insights that will help your team drive growth and success.

  • Regardless of your ERP or CRM, we extract its data
  • Offered as a service
  • Offered on Mobile devices and desktop
  • Capability to design your own visuals/KPIs


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Business Software Solutions & IT Services

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