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Integration Services

Integration Services

We have been offering our IT Services to businesses all over the world for over 20 years. See how our team of experts can improve and streamline your management processes.

Systems Integration

Due to our high-level expertise and experience in software integrations, we offer Systems Integration services.

Our team works with companies’ CEO and their IT teams to integrate their management systems to reduce the disconnect between multiple individual systems. Consequently, they reduce manual data entry.

EDI Service

We offer a secure process of exchanging business documents electronically – either internally or amongst external business partners. This enables companies to reduce large amounts of paperwork, decrease errors and bring real-time information at a faster rate.

Business Intelligence As a Service

A business intelligence solution can ensure business growth by converting raw data into useful information.

Extract companies’ big data and turn it into visuals for quick decision.

E-Commerce Integration

Robust, powerful and a fully managed integration solution between your e-commerce store and all the leading business systems.

IoT Integration

Connect to any open Object on the internet and interact with it.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to solve global problems in various industries.

With “FactoryEye” and IoT you can automate production machines and streamline business processes.

Business Continuity Services

We offer the latest in Backup and Recovery with our Business Continuity Service. The Quick Backup Recovery (QBR) solution, which is powered by Datto and serviced by our team at Namtek Consulting Services, entails on-site real-time data and machine backup.

All this through virtualization as well as off-site backup to the cloud. This hybrid solution allows for quick recovery during a disaster with no downtime or data loss.


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Business Software Solutions & IT Services

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