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EDI Integration

EDI Integration

B2B Integration, also known as Electronic Data Interchange EDI integration, is the process of exchanging business documents electronically either internally or amongst external business partners.

With our EDI2XML Service, companies can securely exchange business documents, such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Advance Shipping Notices, electronically, through private networks or the Internet, with either external business partners or amongst a company’s multiple office locations for internal purposes.

All exchanged data can then be integrated directly into our ErpWizard Suite, or any other Management System, like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, etc.

With EDI2XML, businesses can:

  • reduce large amounts of paperwork

  • decrease data entry errors

  • save money

  • bring real-time information

  • become compliant with many large retailers

Fully Managed EDI Service

EDI2XML Managed Service is our popular “fully managed EDI service”, that includes translation and communication services — offered to businesses of all sizes, from various industries.

  • Different dynamic monthly service packages, to satisfy all data volume and number of EDI transactions per month.
  • Supports all major commonly used EDI protocols: such as X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, XML, JSON, CSV…
  • Capable of integrating with major systems and databases in the marketplace (i.e., SAP, JDE…)
  • Capable of exchanging data using multiple communication protocols (FTP, sFTP, AS2 including VANs).
  • Built on top of “enterprise grade” technology allowing scalability and performance.
  • Offered as a service from our private cloud, with the possibility to deploy on customer’s premises.

EDI Web Service 

Our HTTP EDI Web Service (REST API) gives developers the power they need to do EDI easily.

EDI2XML Web Service, is an HTTP service running over the internet, on EDI2XML own platform that is capable of receiving HTTP requests to translate EDI messages to XML, and XML messages (based on EDI2XML’s proprietary format) to EDI

Advantages of using EDI2XML HTTP service:

  • Get started with less than an hour
  • No contract: pay as you go
  • Very simple and dynamic pricing scheme
  • Availability and reliability
  • Based on proven technology in the field for over 20 years now
  • Outstanding technical support

EDI Service “On Premises”

On-premises EDI is the implementation of EDI software on a customer’s own server and computing infrastructure.

EDI2XML’s on-premises EDI deployment consists of two components:

  1. An EDI2XML translation and transformation engine for converting X12/EDIFACT messages to XML.
  2. A license of Magic xpi a third-party integration and automation platform.

EDI2XML service “on Premises” features

  • Deployment on customer server
  • Subscription-based service
  • Standard XML format for incoming EDI
  • Standard XML format for Outgoing EDI
  • XML schema provided (.xsd)
  • FTP/sFTP communication protocols included

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