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Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Managed cloud services refer to the outsourcing of IT infrastructure and its support to a cloud service provider. Service providers will monitor, secure, and maintain the company’s cloud environment to improve business efficiency.

Cloud service provider offerings

There are lots of advantages for a company to outsource its IT infrastructure to a Cloud provider, considering the added value of the services offered, and the substantial savings at long term for any company.

Following is a condensed list of the task and offerings a Cloud service provider will oversee:

  • Making sure to provide availability of the platform
  • Monitoring of the customer’s platform in general, including the load on the platform, security…
  • Managing the connected users to the platform
  • Cloud platform backup and business continuity management
  • Maintaining security and access to the company’s platform
  • Managing the platform’s security
  • in addition to more tasks and support arising from the day-to-day operations of the client

Our Cloud Services

As a managed cloud services provider, we offer personalized best-of-class cloud services tailored to any business requirement. We offer our customers three types of cloud services:

Shared Hosting

(Fully Managed Cloud Services)

Shared Hosting is our Managed Cloud Services, the customers can run their resources on our equipment, and resources will be distributed based on commitment.

The shared hosting is a low-cost business model, with excellent operational security, availability, and stability.

Dedicated Hosting 

(Fully Managed Cloud Services)

Dedicated Hosting is an isolated cloud environment (Private Cloud), dedicated to one client. With this model, we offer complete implementation and management of the cloud services, from a dedicated cabinet to the equipment, implementation, and managed services afterwards.


(Powered by eStruxture)

Colocation is the option to rent physical space, in one of the state-of-the-art data centers of our partner (eStruxture).

Colocation is the best option for companies of all sizes, from a start-up with limited space and financial resources to a large and fast-growing enterprise.

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

  • No investment

    No investment on IT infrastructure- the company does not need to invest and buy equipments every 3 years; all equipments is provided for rent, including its scalability and upgradeability.

  • Business development

    Do not spend too much time firefighting but moving the business forward. Reliability – the level of service is guaranteed by the SLA.

  • Savings

    Savings – the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower than “on-premises” implementation of the same solution. We have a clear pricing policy and no surprises.

  • Transparency & Flexibility

    Transparency – you can choose “Basic”, “Professional” or “Enterprise” plan and pay only for what your company needs. The ability to scale up or down to accommodate a business need.

  • Quick implementation

    Quick implementation, starting from architecture design to implementation and testing with professional and experimented engineers

  • Fully managed service

    Fully managed service: Our professional team of architects and systems engineers will take care of your project from the initial phases to the go live. No stretching of your internal teams, as it might happen with “Self Service” offerings.

Namtek Consulting Services – your partner for digital transformation

Traditional expensive on-premises IT infrastructure is no longer keeping pace with changes in the business environment. Namtek provides world-class managed cloud services tailored to the needs of your business.


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