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Business Intelligence (BI)

Start transforming your raw business data into actionable insights that will help your team drive growth and success by integrating Tableau Software’s Business Intelligence solution.

BI – Analysis & Reporting

Not sure how to analyze and read all of your changing company data stored in your management system?

By integrating your business system with Tableau Business Intelligence software, companies can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

You can identify areas of cost savings, identify new business opportunities, avoid obstacles, and spot new trends well ahead of your competitors.

Just a few special capabilities:

  • Employs analytics to track performance.
  • Easily manages & defines KPIs.
  • Identifies hidden trends & strategic information.
  • Turns raw data into visual graphs, tables, diagrams & more.

Our BI experts can easily integrate your management system with Tableau’s Business Intelligence solution so you can start using this latest analytics tool to produce detailed analyses with customized drillable dashboards.

Your team will easily be able to create interactive visualizations using all of your company’s real-time data and share detailed reports in order to better manage operations.

Tableau’s Business Intelligence Solution also comes fully integrated within our ErpWizard Suite.

Business intelligence (BI) advantages:

  • Allows users to identify new business opportunities, spot areas of weakness, and avoid problems.

  • Analyze Consumer Buying Behaviours and find emerging trends

  • Predict the competitive landscape

  • View and accurately measure sales, profits, expenses, product quality defects, the Supply Chain, cash flow, customer satisfaction, and much more


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Business Software Solutions & IT Services

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