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Warehouse Management

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2020)

Gain better insight and control of all Warehouse activity with WIMS 2.0

WIMS 2.0 allows you to easily manage and track all Warehouse activities using a wireless, flexible, real-time inventory data collection system. This mobile warehouse management system is built on sophisticated wireless devices using Wi-Fi protocols to optimize data collection processes. With WIMS, your Warehouse Team will be able to scan all items in the warehouse to:

  • Know what’s been delivered and when
  • Know where all items are stored in the facility
  • Pick the right items and the right quantities for delivery
  • Pack items using the right shipping cartons and materials
  • Ship the right items to the correct destination addresses, on-time


Multi-Warehousing Capability
Web-based Control Panel
Bilingual User Interface (English/French)
Merchandise Tracking (by location, SKU and Lot Number)
Bin Location Management
Employee Productivity Tracking
Easy Integration with ERP and Management Systems


Real-time inventory tracking
Reduces operating expenditures while increasing customer satisfaction
Increases data accuracy
Increases employee productivity
Shortens fulfillment lead times
Increases data accessibility by using wires portable data terminals
Keep costs down and moves inventory faster
Eliminates manual data entry for faster data collection
Due to the system’s flexibility, WIMS can easily and quickly accommodate to changes in business rules


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