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testimonial edi2xml
Ken Ritley

Professor for Computer Science, Institute for Data Applications and Security, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

“I am a professor of computer science here at the Bern University of Applied Science, and I was teaching a lecture of EDI. I found your EDI Guide book – and it was just wonderful!

I also used your company as an example in my lecture – and we took a look at your website. I explained that companies today do not need to build their own EDI solutions, but rather they can work with a company like yours, and they can get a lot of EDI functionality “as a service”.

I want to thank you for the great book and the nice website”.

Ben Golan
Ben Golan

Product Manager, 4log ltd

“I wanted to let any potential client of Namtek (EDI2XML) know that we had a very pleasant and professional business relationship with the Namtek team. The level of organization, fairness & detail they brought to the project was critical to a smooth and successful integration process. Their support is amazing and we feel lucky to be in partnership with them.”

Alain-Michel Ayache

Senior Consultant, AMA Consultations

“I usually have problems being convinced by a consultant for obvious reasons, but when it comes to IT, I just listen to Pierre and learn a lot from him. One thing for sure, he knows his stuff and masters it. I highly recommend him, especially that he offers very affordable yet professional customized services.”

Jeff Khoury

Executive Vice President, Chateau Bodywear / Watson’s

“The solutions Pierre Namroud and his team have supplied us with are nothing less than excellent. With almost 20 years working together, Namtek has always come through with the best solutions with impressive speed and accuracy.
Their software solutions have saved us tremendous time and effort. They have taken us from a time when information was totally inaccurate to today, where everything is in real time and precise.
Working with Pierre has made it easy for us to make another big move to his most recent business solution of ERP Wizard, which again, will allow us to grow by giving us more flexibility and data analysis, all in real time.
Namtek is a definite asset to have.”

Nitsan Elmalam

CIO, Lamina Technologies SA

“I had the pleasure of recently working with Namtek Consulting Services. The company established our EDI platform with its EDI2XML Translation Service. Their team was very cooperative and knowledgeable. The information given to me enabled us to move fast and to make informed decisions. We worked in a collaborative manner with their team who really understood our technical and commercial needs. I look forward to working with them again soon.”

Mark Kellenbeck

Business ManagerBrainJoy LLC

“If there is a way, Pierre will find it and make it happen.”

Michel Melki

V.P. Operations, Carpet Art Deco

“Namtek Group has helped Carpet Art Deco Team in many aspects, from developing a solution to solve our complex business processes to improving our EDI communication with our customers and automating many of our manual tasks and processes.
Mr. Pierre Namroud and his team have a wide knowledge and experience in the Manufacturing, Accounting, EDI, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence, CRM, HR and a lot more of the necessary features capable of building a solid ERP solution.
The trust and honest relationship we have with Namtek has helped them to better understand and guide us to choose the best solutions for our business, not just to sell us any software. Today, Carpet Art Deco has more than 3 locations and more than 150 employees. We service clients and suppliers from all around the world.”

Serge Simard

IT Systems Manager, IMS Inc.

“Although QBR is a change of mentality in terms of making backup copies, we were quickly seduced by the advantages. It has brought more security to our company by eliminating the human risk factor involved with traditional backup and providing us with a Business Continuity plan in case of disaster. We can now concentrate on real operations that allow our company to be the best for our customer.

The QBR implementation process went very well; the service was impeccable and the team was available to quickly take care of any power outage issues we encountered. Within one hour, our staff at IMS was able to easily operate the QBR interface. We consider the monthly QBR fee as an insurance policy!”

Marlene Mullowney

Regional Sales Manager, RapidFire Tools

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Pierre and the Namtek team as they are one of Datto’s partners for little more than a year now. In that time, I have known him to be a focused, pragmatic, detail oriented and thoughtful business owner. He is always looking out for the best interests of his clients and I found this to be incredibly admirable in working with him, as it allows him (and for those who work with him) to put together the best solutions possible for his clients. He is a hard worker and value creator in the truest sense.”

Roger Hum, CPA, CA


“Pierre has a vast knowledge of and experience in the IT business servicing his many clients. He is always looking for innovative solutions and maintains his software solutions updated regularly with the latest technologies. He has a strong commitment to keeping his clients happy. I strongly recommend Pierre for his work ethic, professionalism and as a trusted resource.”

Pierre El-Hnoud

Corporate Strategy Planning, Leadership Development, Organizational Restructuring, Motivational Speaker & Coach

“I have been working with Pierre for over 15 years as a business partner. Our common clients and myself had the benefit of acquiring his services which proved of a great added value to our respective organizations.
Pierre’s professionalism and expertise are to be commended for. A true customer-oriented individual, he succeeded with his team of experts to attend to our needs and challenges with motivation, dedication and effectiveness.
I highly recommend him for your future projects.”

Don White

Director Strategic SalesMagic Software

“Pierre combines credibility, presentation skills, expertise and flexibility in his dealings with our prospect. His attention to detail in preparing a response was appreciated and effective. He was recommended to me by others in our organization who have had similar results.”

Dan Khoury

V.P. Sales & Marketing, Chateau Bodywear / Watson’s

“Our more than 15 year business relationship is based on the fact that Mr. Namroud and his team have a very strong knowledge of the areas which they have serviced us. He and his company have a very hands-on approach and are able to develop effective solutions at a rapid pace. His knowledge in the logistical intricacies of a company’s operations allows him to develop practical IT solutions that help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. A+ for his service and quality.”

Maria Piccolo

Assistant Buyer, Costco Wholesale Canada

“I had the opportunity to work with Pierre and the Namtek team on the development of an ERP system. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to complete the project, my experience in working with Pierre was great. His knowledge, professionalism and commitment to his work are admirable. I would definitely recommend Pierre and his company’s services.”

Fadi Khalil, PhD

Web Strategy, SEO, SEM, Social Networking & eCommerce SpecialistiWebContact

“Pierre has a large experience in the domain of Cloud-Based Solution and fully integrated software systems. Namtek Consulting Services offers to midsize, and small enterprises gain in terms of productivity and efficiency. Their ERP expertise and methodologies are unparalleled.”

David Paradis, CPA-CA, CFA

Director of FinanceJust For Laughs/Juste pour rire

“Pierre is a good go-to guy to explain complex solutions into building blocks that can then be addressed in steps. Pierre is definitely someone you can trust and he is also very aware of deadlines.”

Dr. Nick Kahwaji

Publisher, WLCU-ULCM.org

“In 2011, the NAMTEK Consulting Services’ team created for us a highly efficient and professional website in 5 languages – www.wlcu.org.

We are very satisfied with this high quality product; we did not encounter any technical problems. Thank you Pierre Namroud, we were delighted to work with you!”