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Our Story

Who We Are

We are a team of brilliant and passionate software engineers, based in Canada, developing and delivering easy-to-use, flexible and, most importantly, affordable management software solutions, all with a personal touch.

How It All Began

In 2000, Pierre Namroud, Software Engineer, EDI Specialist and IT Business Consultant, started Namtek Consulting Services after realizing the difficulties that Small and Medium Business owners faced when looking to implement a Management Software System at their company.

Pierre built this company from the ground up, in a small office in Laval, Quebec, with the goal of helping these Small and Medium Enterprises improve and streamline their management processes by leveraging the latest technologies developed by his team of software engineers and business experts. His main focus was to offer efficient solutions and services at affordable prices, all through a customized experience, so that even the smallest companies are well equipped with powerful systems and ready to tackle any business challenge.

The company’s belief is that every business has unique IT needs that can only be truly met by treating each and every customer as a valued partner.

Fast forward to 2016, where our customers are able to grow their business and easily meet new challenges with our business solutions. We have also entered into the MENA region with a new location in Dubai.

Our Approach

Our approach is to always integrate, simplify and improve.

We work hard to make sure every business, no matter its size and industry, has the opportunity to leverage the latest corporate technologies, without breaking the bank.

We don’t just sell you a product; our Team goes on the journey of  business improvement with you.  We help you take back control of your business so you can start seeing process improvements and overall efficiencies.

Our customers, who are primarily in the Apparel/Fashion, Plastics, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution and Hospitality industries, have seen the following improvements:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • Simplified business processes
  • Reduced labour costs and manual data entry
  • Ability to quickly respond to new business realities and easily comply to new business rules, imposed by partners, clients or the government
  • Integrated and exchanged data electronically with business partners
  • Met specific challenges, due to the business world’s ever-changing nature
Our Vision

Our vision is to be a company’s go-to when looking to simplify and streamline complex processes. We want business people to feel like their voice is heard and their business challenges & frustrations are being handled in the most efficient and affordable way possible. It’s about more than providing innovative software solutions and IT services to companies; it’s about creating a bond between IT and Business, in order to benefit from real efficiency, flexibility and affordability.


Be there for our customers as their trusted IT Partner
 Provide high quality, flexible yet affordable software solutions & services
Offer top-notch IT support


Knowledgeable Experts
Our Team is made up of brilliant and passionate software engineers, EDI specialists, Business Intelligence experts and Business Consultants, who are continuously growing their skills and expanding their knowledge.
Easily Reachable
You can contact us at any time through email and phone and we can guarantee a response back within 24 hours.
Full Transparency
We provide all details about your IT projects with us and keep you updated throughout; never leaving you in the dark.
Completed On-Time
We keep projects on-time and on-budget by setting realistic timelines and sharing milestones for all involved parties.
Don’t fret, we don’t disappear after your system is live! We provide various support packages that allow us to stay close for any required help and support.
User Training
We make sure your employees are well trained on using the new system.
By providing full transparency, by being honest and by answering our clients’ calls, we build trusted partnerships with our customers.
We work hard to be your IT partner throughout your business journey – always staying loyal, committed and dedicated to helping you with your IT needs.

…We worked in a collaborative manner with their team, who really understood our technical and commercial needs.

Nitsan Elmalam
CIO, Lamina Technologies SA

If there is a way, Pierre will find it and make it happen.

Mark Kellenbeck
Business Manager, BrainJoy LLC

The trust and honest relationship we have with Namtek has helped them to better understand us and guide us to choose the best solutions for our business.

Michel Melki
V.P. Operations, Carpet Art Deco

[Pierre] is always looking out for the best interests of his clients and I found this to be incredibly admirable in working with him, as it allows him to put together the best solutions possible for his clients.

Marlene Mullowney
Regional Sales Manager, RapidFire Tools


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